The Holistic Academy: About Us

The Holistic Academy is Bedfordshire’s home of holistic therapy training and provides fully accredited courses in Massage, Holistic and Healing Therapies.

Here, at The Holistic Academy, we prefer to train our therapists in small, intimate groups so each student receives quality, individual attention and support to ensure they feel confident in their training and professional practice.

Our specially tailored courses have been designed to cater for all therapists from those wishing to enter the field of holistic therapy to fully qualified therapists who wish to increase their repertoire for their clients or gain a more in-depth expertise in their chosen field.

Our enthusiastic and motivational teaching style gives our students the confidence to deliver professional treatments to their clients and many have gone onto learn further advanced skills and treatments with us at The Holistic Academy.

The Holistic Academy in Bedfordshire

Founder and principle: Elie Pettitt

Our founder and principle Elie Pettitt has over 10 years’ experience within the holistic therapy industry. Through her time and experience in this industry, she has found a natural understanding of how environmental factors, such as stress, occupation and lifestyle combined with the state of mind, fundamentally influence the physical body, day after day.

I have been in the industry since 2005, with an established client base, and many clients having been with me since then.
My personal skills, aside from the treatment itself, lie in understanding and interpreting the profound connection between the mind and body, physical and emotional balance of my clients and being able to offer them the appropriate treatment and support as required at the time of treatment. Indeed I never deliver the same treatment twice, as everyday life is different and thus effects our mood, emotion, physical strengths, and overall inner balance, that changes each and every day.

Elie Pettitt