Terms and Conditions


For CPD and VTCT courses we require a 20% deposit to hold your place. The balance to be paid 4 weeks in advance of the course date.

Cancellations & Refunds

We are unable to offer refunds if you want to cancel your training course/qualifications after 24 hours of booking the course. We do however realise that exceptional circumstances can arise, such as bereavement or serious illness. We would firstly look to book you on alternative dates on forthcoming courses to suit you, or we will consider a part refund, the amount being dependant on the progress of your course booking or training. We could also hold your fees in credit towards another course for the future within a 6 month period. These decisions are made at the discretion of the management team.

Due to COVID-19, we realise that last minute cancellations may be unavoidable if the learner or any member of their household has symptoms of COVID-19. We will therefore transfer your booking to another date or course, or as a last resort, refund your payment.

Receiving treatments as models

On the training day, you may be asked to work in pairs to give and receive a treatment. We ask if you can disclose medical details to you tutor that may restrict or contra-indicate the treatment. If you are unsure or want to discuss this in person first, please call our head tutor on the number below. Any medical conditions will be treated in the utmost confidence.

Physical and Learning Difficulties

We also ask you to disclose any learning or physical difficulties that we may need to know about in advance. We are able to adapt our tutoring style and course manuals if required to suit learning difficulties. However due to the nature of the premises we can only make limited adaptations to the training room. If you are requiring any adaptations you should contact us before booking the course so we can make an feasibility assessment before you book.Please email us with any such details before booking to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

Basic Course Outlines

  • In order to respond rapidly to changes in market demand, The Holistic Academy reserves the right to alter its course content and/or the tutor.
  • You are required to be at the location of the training 10-15 minutes prior to the start time of your course to prepare for the course.
  • Although we provide handouts, we suggest that you also bring a notebook and pen for further note taking.

Guidelines and Expectations

  • Students will be expected to wear black beauty tunics or to wear suitable plain black T-shirt and trousers (not jeans or leggings please), and suitable foot wear.
  • For Health & Safety and client care, we recommend that nails should be kept short in order to perform treatments. We prefer no nail polish but we understand that if your services include nail treatments, then this is part of your professional presentation and sales strategy!
  • Long hair must be tied up.
  • No jewellery other than a wedding band and stud earrings.
  • Caps and hats should not be worn.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off in the training room (or on silence in case of emergency).
  • The Holistic Academy will not take any responsibilities for any possessions or valuables that are left or go missing in the premises.
  • Additional COVID-19 Guidelines

    • If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you do NOT attend the course, unless you have had a test that is showing negative. A transfer of date or course will be sorted as soon as possible for you.
    • You are required to bring a face mask (Type II) as it may be appropriate to wear it (depending on the treatment given and social distancing).
    • In addition, please bring a face visor to wear in addition during the practical learning.
    • Hand sanitiser will be provided on the entrance to the academy and on all workstations.
    • Please wait in the carpark or your car until you are invited to enter the academy. Your tutor will stagger the entry of the learners.
    • On arrival, please sanitise your hands and place any belongings into the box provided (we ask that you only bring in what you need at any one time).
    • We ask that once you are seated that you limit movement around the academy where possible.
    • Toilets are provided.
    • Please bring your own towels, couch covers and blankets – to be advised for each course, and in addition, plastic bags for appropriate removal of bedding.
    • Tea and coffee will be available but to reduce movement around the training room under current COVID guidelines, we recommend that you bring your own drinks, snacks and lunch as required.

    Terms and Conditions for CPD Courses

    Our Training

    Our CPD courses are mostly in house training, where the course is completed within the scheduled training day/s. Our minimum class size is 2 learners (courses are not financially viable to run with only one learner) and a maximum of 6 learners. This means you will always get the best personal training support that we can offer and you will never feel intimidated with big class sizes. Our training room is small and cosy to help you feel relaxed during your training with us. Our tutors are always on hand to support and guide you through your learning experience between lessons if required.


    All our CPD courses are accredited with The Federation of Holistic Therapies. We have chosen to use the FHT for accrediting all our courses because of their high standards of competencies within industry legislation. This ensures our learners have the assurance of knowing they are booking a highly professional training course in respect of tutor knowledge, health and safety in the training environment, clear handouts, opportunity for adequate practical training and therapist wellbeing. All our courses are awarded with CPD points by the FHT.

    1 hour tutored = 1 CPD points. These are noted on your certificate.

    Pre-requisites for courses

    Some courses require you to have a previous qualification. All our CPD courses require you to have previous prior learning: Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology and Level 3 Body Massage or Reflexology depending on the course. You must be able to provide evidence of your prior learning in the form of a certificate at the time of booking. If you are NOT able to provide evidence for prior learning, you risk not receiving a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.


    Where possible your CPD certificate will be issued at the close of the final day of training, subject to your competency in having learnt the skill/treatment. This is at the discretion of the tutor on the day.

    Terms and Conditions for VTCT Courses

    Our Training

    We base our courses on a split between in class tutoring and open learning study time (practical and theory) – that way we can offer the personal touch and keep our costs at market value. Our in-class tutoring time meets each course criteria set by VTCT, and takes into account other courses within the market, to make our courses competitively priced. Our minimum class size is 3/4 learners and a maximum of 6 learners to allow for social distancing. This means you will always get the training support that we can offer and you will never feel intimidated with big class sizes. Our training room is small and cosy to help you feel relaxed during your training with us. In the event that a course is not financially viable to run, due to the number of delegates, we will either defer the course start date or refund in full.

    Pre-requisites for courses

    Some courses require you to have a previous qualification. For example, Body Massage and Reflexology course require you to hold a Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology. At The Holistic Academy we strongly recommend you take a separate Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology so that you can always prove your prior learning should you go on to study elsewhere in the world! You can opt for complete home study option or a tutored option they are price dependant.

    Recognising Prior Learning

    We will recognise prior learning that may be part of the criteria for your course. You must provide evidence of your prior learning in the form of a certificate, a witness statement of practical work or a character reference from a place of work, a visual look of a previous portfolio or a demonstration of your skills or setting a mock exam/test. Some units within VTCT courses are transferable between course, we will advise you of each course according to your experience and prior training. You may be asked to attend a short interview/chat to discuss training options before you commit to a course. This is to help guide to choose the right course/training pathway for you.

    Practical assessments

    All therapy courses involve practical assessments as mandatory to complete the course. There are generally 3 observations to be passed as competent. The assessor and internal verifier will attend all or some of these observations. The date will be agreed between the tutor and learner. Failure to attend a group assessment day will most likely result in additional fees.

    External exam papers

    All VTCT exam papers are multiple choice. At The Holistic Academy we are required to have our learners complete these exams online at the academy You may also request a paper hard copy exam if you are not competent using a PC, this will require authorisation directly from VTCT. Please discuss this with your tutor as early as possible. All exams require the presence of an invigilator in the room.

    Completion of your course

    You will be officially registered with VTCT as a learner for your specific qualification after full payment has been made. Part of your course fee paid will include this registration fee. VTCT evaluate each of their courses regularly to keep in line with industry standards, so for us to ensure that your studies and portfolio are meeting the current criteria we need to keep to a course schedule.

    Final sign off

    Your portfolio of evidence will need to go through 3 levels of sign off to complete the cycle of assessment. This is to ensure that you are granted a fair and accurate evaluation of your work before your certificate is printed!

    1. First your tutor/assessor will mark and sign off all you written assignments and case studies.

    2. Your portfolio is then passed to the Internal Verifier (IQA) who will do a selective assessment of your assessor’s remarks and feedback to ensure you have met the criteria set in the VTCT assessment book.

    3. Finally, when we submit for the final certificate, the External Verifier (EQA) from VTCT will approve our application for certification.

    Please note that at any time in the process of your learning or final assessment the EQA may request to view your portfolio of work. The Holistic Academy will aim to process these final processes within 1 month from portfolio hand in date (unless exceptional circumstances delay any part of this procedure).